Old Monk Story

Centuries ago, there was an old monk, descended from a royal medical physician family. Before his monkhood, he was gifted with his talent in the medical field and carefully guided with such knowledge acquired by his ancestor decades ago. He saved many lives and gained his reputation throughout his early adulthood. Years later, when time was in turbulence, his family got destroyed and he was infected with a chronic disease, which none of the treatments was able to cure his problem at that time. He was devastated; and soon after, he became a monk. Spending years reciting prayers and reading ancient medical literatures in the monastery, he formulated a prescription that was able to cure his problem. His discovery and success of the prescription was widely spread, attracting a lot of people to seek for help. From then, his descendants had used the same prescription to cure people. The prescription was given to a herbal shop in Jordan, Hong Kong which has made the best-selling Ganoderma herbal tea which can detoxify impurities and strengthen the digestive system. The tea has been widely praised, it aids people of all sorts and is highly recommended by celebrities. Over the years, it is recognised as the “Holy Tea”.

In 2000, Asia Television Limited (ATV) interviewed the herb tea shop as well as the people benefited from the herb tea.

Our shop in Jordan

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