Oscar Chan Kwan

In mid-November, 2011, TV artist Oscar Chan Kwan suddenly felt quadriplegia and limb numbness. He even couldn’t be able to raise his arm to comb. The doctors in hospital could not find out the cause of such symptoms, which made him feel hopeless and helpless, but could only lying on bed. One of Oscar’s friend knew his situation and suggested him to start drinking Ganoderma Detox Tea. Oscar try to drink immediately, when he finished 2 sets (total 12 boxes) in a month. Miraculously, he can move his hands and feet as usual. It was impressed by Oscar and all of his friends that the effectiveness of Ganoderma Detox Tea is too incredible. From then on, Oscar recommend the tea to his friend highly.

Mr. Chu 43 years old

have usually got sick since from childhood. My skin quality was poor and always looked very uncomfortable which made me got into hospital a few times a year with injections and medication. I teased myself “Drug Pot”. In recent years, I was suffering from diseases such as gout and hemorrhoids, causing me great distress. Two years ago, I began to have headaches accidentally, especially when I got up in the morning. Firstly, I treated it ordinary pain and just took some painkillers. But the situation was getting worse, headaches happened more frequently, and I sometimes felt nausea and blurred vision. The “Drug Pot” even fainted in the street several times. I aware of the worse situation, so I immediately went for a detailed medical examination. It was found that a tumor was in my brain. This was completely unacceptable.。

Coincidentally, I began to start drinking “Ganoderma Detox Tea”. About a month later, a lot of symptoms reduced. Beforehand, my skin was very easy to scratch to wound and I felt that the skin was becoming healthier with less wounds. As the bowel movements became smooth, no more hemorrhoids were found and faeces easy. Pain in joints is also disappeared. I was glad to observe such changes; therefore, I continued to take the treatment for three months. After that, I returned to hospital for check-up and the doctor realized that my brain serious disease became shrunken. There was no need to do an operation. What I only needed to do was rechecking and paying attention to my condition. I recognized that the “Ganoderma Detox Tea” was really incredible.

seriousseriousMr. Koo 25 years old

I was only 25 years old. Last year, I was confirmed that I got the last stage of Nasal heavy disease, Chemotherapy doctor did several treatments for me, but the effect was not that significant. I suffered from many side effects such as vomiting and hair loss. The situation was getting worse, so I felt worried and was in despair. The doctor told me that my life might only last for a maximum of six months.

Fortunately, I met “Ganoderma Detox Tea” which gave me and my family new hope. Having been highly recommended by a friend, I gave a try to start drinking the tea. Initially, I thought that the herbal tea was very bitter and extremely difficult to drink, while this detox tea tasted quite sweet and was easy to drink. I drank a 1500-ml bottle within 2 days, 15 bottles per month. A few days later, I felt the bowel movements become smooth, together with better sleeping quality and body condition. After getting back to hospital for check-up, it was so amazing that the index of bad cells was in a lower level. So I drank continuously. Five months later, I felt energetic and high-spirited. Then, I went to Queen Mary Hospital for follow-up appointments. The doctors claimed that the bad cells in my body eventually vanished, which meant that I no longer had any therapy and treatment. It was completely incredible. Originally, I thought I needed to keep long-term battle with the heavy disease, but there were no more illnesses and side effects, or even daily petty pains. It was the miracle of “Ganoderma Detox Tea” making me have all-round-optimization.

Ms. Ng 55 years old

I was the people who hovered at the gate of hell. Several years ago, I was suffering from last stage of lung heavy disease and the situation was very worse. I needed to do chemotherapy as well as electrotherapy which made me very weak and loads of side effects. I had no solution to fight this fatal disease, but only struggling with fear. Later, the bad cells proliferated. The doctor recommended that I had to cut one lung to save my life. I had no alternative but to accept. After the operation, it was still unable to stop the proliferation of bad cells. All the drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy were in vain. Although the doctor did not tell me the fact, I knew my situation was very bad, and I felt hopeless. What I could do was to wait for my death.

“Ganoderma Detox Tea” pulled me back from the gates of hell. At first, I was encouraged by my family to start drinking. I did not have any hope at all and just gave a try anyway. After finishing three 1500-ml bottles, I felt very comfortable. Keeping drinking it, my health situation was improved gradually. It was surprised to see the decline of bad cells index. Five months later, the doctor re-checked for me and reported that the serious disease index was dropped to zero. I was just like to be reborn, with respect to the “Ganoderma Detox Tea”.

Mrs. Shao 58 years old

I suffered from many diseases, such as breast heavy disease, colorectal serious disease and unstable blood glucose . I needed surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and some other methods to control the disease. Torturing by all sorts of incurable disease, I lost the strength for survival; my husband and family were too tired to take care of me and felt hard to give more support. I tried loads of prescription from friends and relatives, but all with little avail. Later, the doctor told me that I got end stage white blood serious disease , with life expectancy for less than 6 months. I collapsed entirely and abandoned to do any treatment.

In the meantime, “Ganoderman Detox Tea” was introduced by a friend of my husband. At first, I refused to do anything but being insisted by my husband, I was willing to give a try. After drinking for a week, I felt that my body did not resist such herbal tea and there was no uncomfortable reaction, so I continued to take. Gradually, I felt more energetic and greater body situation. Two months later, I found my hand no longer paralyzed. The dull pain in the stomach and breast tenderness was gone. I felt very relaxed and was very glad to continue to drink “Ganoderma Detox Tea”. About 10 months later, when I got back to the hospital for rechecking, the doctor was extremely surprised that I was energetic and healthy. Undoubtedly, the report pointed out that my physical condition was perfectly fine. When the doctor knew that I was drinking the “Ganoderma Detox Tea”, he encouraged me to carry on if I felt comfortable because the body condition had a significant improvement indeed.

Mr. Chan 68 years old

Several years ago, I was confirmed to have nasal serious disease. After chemotherapy, I vomited after each meal. My friends introduced me to start drinking of “Ganoderma Detox Tea” which was in sweet taste and easy to drink. After drinking three consecutive months, my appetite was getting better and better, so I continued and intensified to drink. Gradually, I felt so comfortable. The number of chemotherapy became fewer as well as the serious disease index without any reason. Eventually, with the aid of “Ganoderma Detox Tea”, the nasal bad cells was fully eliminated.

Mr. Poon 62 years old

In 2008, I was found to have gallstones. I intended to have surgery to cure but needed to wait for a period of three months. In the meantime, my son bought “Ganoderma Detox Tea” for me. I treated it as a common herbal tea with no side effect. After drinking one 1500-ml bottle within two days, I felt nothing special, but smoother defecation. The more I drank, the more relaxation I felt. After a few months, I found that the shortness of breath, dry cough and other ailments were also improved. When I returned to the hospital for surgery, the doctor was shocked after doing the final check: the gallstones disappeared. Both the doctor and I were amazed by the effect of “Ganoderma Detox Tea”.

Miss Yeung 38 years old

I suffered from leaky gut for more than ten years which made my body become sensitive. Also, I had edema, urethritis and hemorrhoids. I started drinking “Ganoderma Detox Tea” through introduction by my friend. I drank 1500-ml bottle a day. A month later, it was obvious that my body felt more comfortable, with smoother bowel movements, improved sleep quality, and more energetic. Continuing to drink for several months, the swelling, inflammation of urethra and size of hemorrhoids were reduced. My body no longer felt discomfort and pains were reduced. I exclaimed the efficacy of the “Ganoderma Detox Tea” was just like “Holy Tea”. The doctors asserted that the anorectal could not be cured, but the doctor was surprised to be informed that the intestinal membrane was hyperplasia. It was very incredible for the doctor who treated leaky gut for more than 20 years.

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