Treatment Process

Basic daily dosage for people suffering from White spot skin disease: 2 sachets in the morning and 2 sachets in the evening. Drink on an empty stomach or after meal. Avoid eating beef, mango, durian, spicy food or cold drinks during consumption.

The earlier the treatment for White spot skin disease, the better effects will be seen. The effectiveness of the detox tea will be easily seen for early White spot skin patients, who suffers the disease for a short time only.  White spots skin spreadout will be stopped after drinking one month continually.

Most of people may feel the effectiveness in the first 2 months, for example, less contrast of skin color, new born baby red skin will replace the white spots skin area at the beginning. For the serious cases,  suffering White spots skin for more than 1 year may have improvement for drinking about 4 months.

It may take more time for the most serious cases, i.e. the porcelain white skin color, may initially turn slightly baby red and little red dots as well. About 24 months later, after gathering enough pigment under the skin, the color may become red in a healthy and natural way. 

In the detoxification process, the appearance of the symptom of small pimples or sore throat is normal, and after that, the body condition will be improved. The tea drains away all the hot and humid toxins in the body. After drinking the tea, the stomach condition will be improved, no constipation, stomach pain and cold and flu. The sleeping quality is improved. Blood pressure becomes normal, etc.

After drinking for 24 months, White spots skin disease patients may go for the “Wood’s Lamp” (ultraviolet light) check-up to make sure that all the affected area has been cured. After the success of the treatment, they can reduce the dosage for 1-2 sachets daily for keeping good body conditions.

It is normal that people recover in different pace regarding the seriousness level of  of  White spots skin . Besides, the newly formed white spots recover faster than the old-aged white spots recover in a slower pace.

(The Ganoderma Detox Tea is not suitable for pregnant women. Stop drinking if having fever. No need to terminate treatment for other minor disease such as cough, flu, etc.)

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