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Case Sharing - Breakthrough for the Treatment of Vitiligo
Mr. Fan   (Suffered from White spot skin disease for 27 years)

Here, I sincerely share my personal experience of drinking the Ganoderma Detox Tea for more than 2 years, in order to show the incredible results against White spot skin disease. Drinking Detox tea every day is good enough to cure my 27-year-old White spot skin. I hope this will be the greatest encouragement for every single White spot skin patient suffering from this terrible disease.

White spot skin disease is a skin disease, which makes one’s skin depigmentation become white. The patients who suffer from White spot skin disease won’t be died of it, but there will be some immeasurable and incurable impacts on our normal daily life, not only the exterior appearance, but also self-confidence, social relationships, career and marriage.

Here is my own experience……

When I was 20, the age of university admission, I occasionally found some small white patches on my back. Initially, I did not mind about that. Then the white spots gradually expanded and appeared on other parts of my body. The doctor diagnosed and confirmed that I suffered from White spot skin disease. There was no way to cure the disease effectively. What I could only do was to use steroids to prevent spreading of white spots; yet, this so-called treatment did nothing for my white spots and brought me a number of side effects, such as hypertension, diabetes, muscle weakness, bone loss and a series of permanent sequelae. Over the years, the white spots have spread to my hands, feet, neck, face and my body which became more obvious.

For me, this disease was like the devil that attached to my body and could not linger. The adverse effects in the medical treatment process were extremely miserable, for instance, the UV light made me sunburn very often, the hormone injection induced me an unbalanced diet and habit. In addition, White spot skin disease affected greatly on my appearance which led to psychological pressure, fear and anxiety. My face, neck, limbs had plenty of big and small white spots and the color contrast with the skin around was very obvious. The passers-by, friends and relatives looked at me with abnormal vision which made me keep isolated myself to avoid social contact. In summer, I had to wear caps, masks and long-sleeved shirts and trousers while going out. What’s more, I felt fear and anxiety to go out and meet people and my family thought I got autism.

Friends and colleagues often offered various advices in different perspectives to deal with the disease. For example, using stirred fresh chicken testis to smear on my body, immersing into sulfur powder water, going to Xinjiang to search cover liquid, etc. I almost tried all sorts of prescription to try to cure the disease, but there was still no sign of remarkable results. To search an effective therapy, I forced to sacrifice jobs for many times in which I suffered a great loss of money. Moreover, I got a number of ailments, like high blood pressure, kidney stones, high liver enzymes, high cholesterol, nocturia and other sicknesses.

When I was going to give up medication for White spot skin disease, I met the angel from god, Ganoderma Detox Tea. That day I walked through an herbal tea shop in Ferry Point in Jordan, the master craftsman came out and pointed out that my skin white corrosion problem was caused by the accumulation of toxins from my body and my problem was getting very serious. He recommended me to start drinking Ganoderman Detox Tea as soon as possible. This herbal tea shop has opened in Jordan for 20 years and the Ganoderma Detox Tea was the only product to sell. I was dubious about the effectiveness of this herbal tea. Then I had a trial of 1500ml-bottled tea for a month as well as some condensed solution which can be drank by diluting in water. I also took some pictures of my appearance for comparison.

The effectiveness of the Ganoderma Detox Tea was quite amazing. I drank 4 cups every day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. It tasted a little bitter and sweet. The master said that the drink is suitable for all people. After a month, the constipation problem was solved and the faeces became easy. 2 month later, I even felt the toxins in the body constantly flushing away from my body. My sleeping quality was also improved, became less frequent of urine at night, and I felt more energetic. 4 months later, the white spot of my body faded away gradually and the color tended to be normal. I felt so excited. Since then, I brought Ganoderma Detox Tea with me everywhere for business trip or travel. 10 months later, the white spots of my face were dissipated mostly. The master said the later the white spots formed, the earlier they would be cured. I drank the tea continuously for one more year, all the white spots in my body disappeared.

After tortured by White spot skin disease for 27 years , I witnessed the miracle effects of Ganoderma Detox Tea on me finally. Truly amazing.

For the last 27 years, I kept looking for the famous skin specialists in Hong Kong and the United States in order to treat the White spot skin disease. UV light, steroid injection, medicine and some other folk prescription can only desalinate the symptoms, but the problem still remained. Besides, I spent lots amount of money for buying air tickets, medicine. I was suffered from work and salary loss for more than a million Hong Kong Dollars, still it was failed to heal the white spots. More than 80% of my skin was covered by white spot. This made me be anti-social and frightened to get married. Now, simply, taking a cup of tea, the body toxins drain away within a few months. Constipation, bone pain, frequent urination, bad cholesterol, hypertension and other sicknesses all disappear. I no longer need to take high blood pressure pills. Few months ago, I visited a White spot skin disease expert in Mainland China, and he was amazed by the improvement. Such all-round disappearance of white spots was considered as a miracle.

After that, whenever I meet someone with white spots on faces or bodies, I must approach them and recommend the Ganoderma Detox Tea. I have introduced at least 10 people so far, and all of them witness the amazing effect as me.

In Chinese and Western medical history, White spot skin disease is considered as incurable. Such large surface area of white spots in my case is the most unlikely to be cured. I, hereby, write down my White spot skin disease story, share to those hopeless White spot skin disease patients that this disease is no longer incurable with this miracle effects of Ganoderma Detox Tea.

May 18, 2012



The sequence of the spreading of white spots: Back Feet Belly Hands, and the white spots on the neck and face was formed just in 2 years when he drank the Ganoderma Detox Tea. Therefore, his face and neck had been cured at the first and the other parts recovered afterwards. It is known that the later the white spots formed, the earlier they would be cured. Although the white spots recover in different pace, they could all be cured eventually.

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